OD FIELD NOTES for October 26, 2010

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OD FIELD NOTES for October 21, 2010

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RESOURCES: EQ for Entrepreneurs

We’ll update this blog-post over time with the books, videos, blogs, articles, and other resources that have influenced the 2-hour workshop “EQ for Entrepreneurs.” I delivered this to a class of graduate design students at Lake Washington Technical College. Resources available so far include: WORKSHOP MATERIALS: EQ for Entrepreneurs (PDF) TOOLS: The Awareness Wheel (PDF) The Waterline Model (PDF) ARTICLES: The Business Case for Emotional […]

RECAP: EQ for Entrepreneurs at Lake Washington Technical College

Earlier this week, I met with graduate students in the design program at Lake Washington Technical Collage about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). My colleague Lindsay Andreotti teaches a class there on “Entrepreneurship and Design” for students in the second year of the program (about 35 people). This was a pretty exciting audience because the bulk of their instruction focuses on design principles and skills. This class […]

RECAP: iPads & Organizations workshop at Seattle ISPI’s September Chapter Meeting

Last month Tonya and I attended the Seattle ISPI September chapter meeting to present our workshop iPads and Organizations: Using Design Methods as OD Interventions. We had 14 attendees from across the training spectrum, including some colleagues from the Pacific Northwest OD Network. We also made some new connections with someone from the Organization Design Forum, that we’ll explore in the months ahead. The workshop […]

OD FIELD NOTES for October 14, 2010

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OD FIELD NOTES for October 12, 2010

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