OD FIELD NOTES for November 24, 2014

WittyParrot's list of top 100 HR influencers to follow on Twitter #socialHR Video – TED: Vincent Moon and Naná Vasconcelos: The world’s hidden music rituals – Vincent Moon (2014): F… http://t.co/8HYlepJ79V #TED directly from Twitter What to Do When it’s Cold Inside #marketing #in Staffed by mimes: If someone asked you how to do something, would you act … http://t.co/OmOwCJ25J6 via @thisissethsblog directly from Twitter […]

OD FIELD NOTES for November 17, 2014

The Enlightened Leaders Weekly is out! Links to 30+ blogs! http://t.co/yvScHjpH7R Stories via @ryaneyip directly from Twitter Non-profit unicorns . . . have you seen one lately? Video – TED: Alejandro Aravena: My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process – Aleja… http://t.co/jL4IZTGsyV #TED directly from Twitter #in Platform lets buyers choose the price of tech gadgets: Add / Remove Thanks to price compar… […]

OD FIELD NOTES for November 10, 2014

Enterprise Social Networking – the focus on collaboration and driven by HR The Core Incompetencies of the Corporation http://t.co/1Ds4tYDMiM directly from Twitter #HBR #leaders #in The Core Incompetencies of the Corporation: Large organizations of all types… http://t.co/Drvpb0hGKu via @HarvardBiz directly from Twitter #in Smart umbrella with built in tracking device: Add / Remove Items that aren’t used too ofte… http://t.co/yP3Quf0LH6 via @springwise directly from Twitter […]