INVITE: Join us April 11th for our webinar “Calibrate Before You Collaborate”

We’re excited to announce that the Design Management Institute (DMI) has asked us to deliver a webinar on April 11th as part of their long-standing Design Leadership Speaker Series, sponsored by Microsoft. The Series “features leading thinkers in design and design management addressing topics of key importance, brought to you through Microsoft Live Meeting” (more at Our session will be based on our recent article “Calibrate Before You Collaborate: […]

OD FIELD NOTES for March 19, 2012

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Our DMI Article “Calibrate Before You Collaborate…” Goes Viral & Freely Available

Last month, Wiley-Blackwell published our latest article “Calibrate Before You Collaborate: 5 Questions to Guide Group Work” in the Design Management Institute’s DMI Review. In the article, we lay out five questions every team should explore at the start of a new work or project cycle. Like a creative or technical brief that defines what a team will do together, the questions play the important role of […]