OD FIELD NOTES for April 27, 2015

Recap of #SHRMTech15 @SHRMIndia – a story told in some tweets top 25 #HRInfluencers on #socialmedia by @SHRMIndia #socialmedia and the Workplace @BT_India Video {Video} @RDConsultingIN interviews me for @Social_Samosa #socialmedia The promise and the challenges of Employer Branding

EVENT: “Working at the Edge: Breakthrough Moments for Facilitators” w/ Dr. Stephen Schuitevoerder May 1-3 Seattle

We’re excited to attend Dr. Stephen Schuitevoerder’s three-day workshop May 1 to 3 in Seattle focusing on process work: There is a moment every consultant, coach, facilitator and leader looks forward to in their work with individuals, teams and systems. It’s this magical breakthrough moment where skill, structures and form, coupled with a little good timing come together to support the individual or system in opening into […]

OD FIELD NOTES for April 6, 2015

The @LinkedIn video: How to get a job at @Flipkart The 3000th blog post – reflections on 13 years of blogging Stop the spam on LinkedIn ! Growth vs. Fulfillment – What is the Difference? Nice to Meet You!

What’s Your Favorite Facilitation Room Setup?

I prefer a big room with movable chairs, flipcharts, markers, and a space to hang work. No tables, computers, presentations or other distractions. What’s your favorite setup?