Clear the Space for Meaningful Dialogue

In recent blogs, we discussed ways to turn meetings into collaborative, outcome-focused group experiences by discarding standard meeting props: toss out the agenda and presentation deck and forego the conference table. When we’re facilitating pivotal meetings where clients must engage in meaningful dialogue to achieve the results they’re after, we do both. We clear the space—mentally and physically—for dynamic interaction and collaboration. A few years […]

Step Away from the Conference Table

In a recent blog, we made a suggestion that’s practically blasphemous to a well-organized meeting host: toss out the agenda and presentation deck for your next meeting. Instead, start the session with open-ended questions that will invite participants to fill the content of your meeting.  You’re then more likely to get meaningful outcomes from the meeting, not just a list of agenda items crossed off […]

Invite: “IPads & Organizations” Workshop at Pacific Northwest OD Network November 15th

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be presenting our workshop on “iPads & Organizations: Using Design Methods as OD Interventions” at next week’s Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network Meeting. We piloted this workshop in September for our colleagues at the Seattle ISPI Chapter, and presented it to a standing-room only audience at the national OD Network Conference 2010 in New Orleans last month. We’ve tweaked […]

UPDATE: Locomotive Partners Picks Up Steam (and adds a new station)

Tonya Peck and I launched Locomotive Partners in the summer of 2009 to pursue organizational development (OD) work with clients, for the public, and the community of OD practitioners in the Pacific Northwest. One year later and that work continues to pick up steam (most recently with our move into a wonderfully open shared work-space at the Seattle architecture firm Bumgardner). We’re happy to report […]

RECAP: iPads & Organizations workshop at Seattle ISPI’s September Chapter Meeting

Last month Tonya and I attended the Seattle ISPI September chapter meeting to present our workshop iPads and Organizations: Using Design Methods as OD Interventions. We had 14 attendees from across the training spectrum, including some colleagues from the Pacific Northwest OD Network. We also made some new connections with someone from the Organization Design Forum, that we’ll explore in the months ahead. The workshop […]

INVITE: Upcoming Public and OD Community Talks

Following on the heals of last week’s Seattle ISPI workshop (recap coming soon), we’ll be presenting several more talks in the coming months around the region and the US: October 12th at Lake Washington Technical College – My good friend and colleague Lindsay Andreotti is teaching a class this semester on “Entrepreneurship and Design”. I’ll be talking about emotional intelligence as a key differentiator for successful […]

RESOURCES: iPads & Organizations: Using Design Methods as OD Interventions

We’ve put a lot of effort into developing our workshop “iPads & Organizations: Design Methods as OD Interventions” which we’re piloting at Seattle’s ISPI September meeting and then launching at ODN’s Conference 2010 in New Orleans. We’ll update this blog-post over time with the books, videos, blogs, articles, and other resources that have influenced our work. Resources available so far include: WORK-in-PROGRESS: MICRODESIGN (pdf) MACRO-DESIGN […]